Trading server for FOREX and CFDs trading

High performance trading server

TradeMUX FOREX and CFDs trading server

TradeMUX Trading Server is a low latency trading server for FOREX and CFDs trading. It consists of bridges to liquidity providers, smart order routing engine, order matching engine (OMS), ticker plants, execution management server (EMS), history database and reporting server.

  • Our ticker plant can process over 1 000 000 quotes per second.
  • Our historical server can transfer up to 4 million historical ticks per second.
  • Our order routing engine can process the trade in less than 100 NANOseconds.
  • Plug-in capable architecture gives limitless opportunities for platform extensions.

Website, CRMs, Payments systems and custom applications can be integrated with TradeMUX trading server via TMX API. Integration with liquidity providers can be done via FIX or any custom protocols.