Trading Functionality - perfectly suited for Scalping and News traders


Ultra low-latecny trading platform for FOREX and CFDs trading. NANOseconds trade processing speed.

Your scalping, news and HFT strategies will be trade much more profitably. Orders are processed and sent to liquidity providers in NANOseconds. That means less slippage, higher fill ratios, better prices and more profitable trading as a result. 


Multiple Liquidity Providers.

Can you imagine having parallel access to multiple FOREX and CFDs liquidity providers? We can give it to you. In TradeMUX you can trade on Multiple Liquidity providers via single GUI

One click trading.

Submit limit, stop or market orders with predefined stop loss and take profit in just ONE CLICK. Close or modify positions in one click. TradeMUX offers tools that will allow you to act quickly when the market is volatile and there is no time for unnecessary actions.

Trading from charts.

Open pending order (stop or limit) by dragging and dropping "Sell" and "Buy" buttons from any panel on the chart. Modify your orders and setup stop-losses and take profits on the chart.

Bulk order management.

On the TradeMUX trading platform you can open basket orders, delete all pending orders and close all open positions at once. You can also close positions or delete pending orders by instrument as well as NET them.



TradeMUX FOREX and CFDs trading platform screenshots