STP Bridge

TradeMUX FOREX | CFDs STP Bridge supports complex order routing and allows brokers to implement a Straight Through Processing (STP) business model.

Key benefits:
  • Ultra-low latency and fast execution. Multiple NANOsecond execution speed.
  • Limit Orders support (GTC, IOC, FOK)
  • Partial fills support
  • Parallel connectivity to multiple liquidity providers (LPs)
  • Multi-Asset covering FOREX, CFDs, Indices
  • Complex and dynamic order routing rules
  • Switch your clients between Books without restarting server and changing instrument name

TradeMUX gives you the opportunity to inexpensively and easily connect to a wide range of FOREX and CFDs liquidity providers. This list is continuously growing as new liquidity providers are added.

FOREX and CFDs STP bridge software