Solution for Traders

TradeMUX is developed by traders to make trading more efficient and profitable.

We have developed a lot of tools to make your trading life easier. We 're glad if you're trading on the TradeMUX platform. When you have ideas on how to improve TradeMUX trading platform please contact us. If your ideas are supported by other traders we will develop and integrate them in our software.

If you like our high performacne FOREX and CFDs trading platform but your broker does not support it - we can solve this issue. We will integrate the platform with your broker at our cost and will charge you some fair commission on turnover depending on volume you generate.

The broker you want us to get integrated needs only one item -  they need to have FIX API for integration. 
You will get a trading platform connected to your broker and all advantages of low latency execution for more efficient and profitable trading. 
Please do not hesitate to contact us now:
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