MQL4 and Algo Trading - ideal Solution for News, Scalping and HFT strategies

MQL4 compatible.

It's simple to use what you've built in MT4. Use scripts, indicators and experts advisors written in MQL4 in a low latency TradeMUX trading environment.

Low-latecny MQL4 trading environment.

Your scalping, news and HFT strategies will be tarding more profitable. Orders are processed and sent to liquidity providers in less than 100 nanoseconds. That means less slippage, higher fill ratios, better prices and more profitable trading as result. 

FOREX and CFDs arbitrage strategies.

TradeMUX allows parallel access to multiple liquidity providers in single trading platform. You can easily create arbitrage strategies between multiple LPs using MQL4 or TradeMUX Strategy Cunstructor. 

Use Strategy Custructor to quickly automate trading strategies.

TradeMUXStrategy Cunstructor is easy to use. It allows sumbission of pending order, cancel orders, and open or close position if a predefined event happens. 



TradeMUX FOREX and CFDs trading platform screenshots