Liquidity Aggregator

FOREX and CFDs Liquidity Aggregator

Liquidity aggregator is used to aggregate liquidity from several Forex or CFDs liquidity providers.

TradeMUX Liquidity Aggregator provides two main functions:

  • It  allows traders to compare prices from different liquidity venues such as banks, global market makers or ECNs like Currenex, FXall, and Hotspot FX among others. This allows traders to trade with many participants using a single trading terminal.  
  • It allows price feeds aggregation from several providers into a single price stream thus delivering to end-users the best execution prices available and reduces the risk of poor liquidity during volatile market periods. 


Cost saving

  • TradeMUX FX (FOREX) and CFDs liquidity aggregator in combination with TradeMUX Trading Server, Trading Platform and Backoffice allows brokers to significantly reduce their expenses on use of third party aggregator services.
  • No need for additional hardware investment.
  • The TradeMUX aggregator allows brokers to do self clearing thus saving costs on prime brokerage clearing services.
  • Narrow spreads help benefit from better pricing.
  • Faster execution.  Low latency trading environment gives you opportunity to capture the best market price faster than competitors

Smart Order Routing

  • An order can be split into the chunks which are sent to the respective counterparties based on the price, time and other attributes of the quotes from these counterparties. 
  • Route the whole order to a single liquidity provider who is chosen by an order routing algorithm embedded into an aggregator.


Wide range of order types

  • Market, Limit, Stop, OCO
  • Other order types can be added by request