Custom Solution

TradeMUX develops custom software that fits exactly broker dealer needs.

TradeMUX is developed by experts with experience writing high frequency automated trading systems. Our HFT systems are successfully trading on multiple FOREX ECNs/MTFs. We have experience developing an FX ECN currently live in the USA, ground-up development of Feed Handlers, OMS and Risks Management systems. We can work with your team to create apps that fit exactly what your team needs.

Tools for Brokers

We can cut hours of data entry tasks by perfectly tailoring software. We can eliminate error-prone duplication by integrating systems. We can improve decision making by more quickly synthesizing business data. We can make your business more efficient.

Brokerage software customization

The TradeMUX solution is plug-in capable with hooks at all levels of the system. We can create quickly front-end and back-end features as stand alone plug-ins.

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