Broker Dealer Backoffice

FOREX and CFDs Backoffice

TradeMUX FX and CFDs Broker Dealer Backoffice is a comprehensive management and administrative tool tailored to your business processes.

  • Users and accounts management
  • Hierarchical user structure and customizable access permissions
  • Liquidity providers and price streams management
  • Manage Trading Sessions
  • Markups, commissions and swaps management
  • Real -Time Exposure control
  • Positions and orders management
  • Reporting tools
  • Give Backoffice access to your IBs

Users and accounts management.

Create users, accounts and instantly pull client's information from the platform. Change account details in a few clicks. Have real-time access to financial transactions, including deposits /withdrawals and positions / orders – enabling a detailed live account view which can improve customer service and risk management.

Hierarchical user structure and customizable access permissions.

TradeMUX allows you to easily organize different clients into groups. Different settings can be applied to each group, with no limit on the number of groups that can be created. Example: different margin settings, trading instruments, commission levels, swaps and markups can be applied to each group. All user settings can be inherited from parent group or easily defined for each user on a user by user level.
TradeMUX has a rule-based settings control that allows you to apply different access rights for different departments and personnel within your organization. Example: "User A" can manage "Group of accounts A" and have view-only access to "Group of accounts B", "User B" can manage both "Groups of accounts A and B" AND both users will not be able to manage Liquidity providers, Trading sessions, Commissions nor any other parts of the system.

Liquidity providers and price streams management.

You can manage as many liquidity providers and price streams as you need. Clients' orders can be routed to external liquidity providers or executed locally. You can switch the routing rules for each client on the fly. Switch your clients between Books without restarting server and changing instruments names.

Manage trading sessions.

You can manage trading sessions on an instrument basis. This functionality allows you to tailor your trading hours to your LP setup, client needs and internal processes.

Markups, commissions and swaps management.

Markups, commissions and swaps can be setup on an instrument by instrument basis. There is a possibility to markup bid and ask separately to increase profitability. For more usability, swaps can be imported from a file.

Real-Time Exposure control

You can view real-time P/L , margin, positions size and match exposure between different books and platforms. All client orders are shown in one place with ability to sort and filter them by any parameter including distance between order price and market price in real-time mode. Exposure by ticker and symbol are also displayed for your convenience. You will have everything you need to understand and control your risk. If custom risk management tools are needed they can be easily integrated or developed as additional plugins.

Positions and orders management

As a dealer you can close all clients positions and orders, or open positions and orders on behalf of the client.

Reporting tools

You can create reports and filter them inside the platform to know exactly how your business in doing. It is possible to view various system and trading activity for selected accounts by defined period. There is the capability to export reports to XLS, SCV, PDF, HTML and TEXT files. Custom reports can be quickly added to meet your business and compliance needs.

TradeMUX FOREX and CFDs Broker Dealer Backoffice Screenshots