Hi-Tech Trading Platform and complete brokerage solution for FOREX and CFDs markets

TradeMUX is trading and brokerage software for FOREX and CFDs markets. TradeMUX consists of: desktop FX and CFDs trading platform, trading server (ems, oms, ticker plants, matching engine), liquidity aggregation software, stp bridge and broker dealer backoffice.

TradeMUX was built to make trading more efficient. The Ultra Low-latency trading server provides  microsecond execution speed. STP bridges allow parallel access to multiple liquidity providers. The liquidity aggregator gives better spreads and deeper liquidity.
TradeMUX is MQL4 Compatible and has tools to quickly automate trading strategies. MQL4 with fast execution works much more profitably for scalpers, news traders and High Frequency Trading (HFT) strategies.
Other useful features:  tick charts, charts overlay, custom time frame charts, one click trading, trading from charts, bulk order management, multiple account management (MAM), customizable workplace.
  • Desktop Trading Platform
  • Trading server
  • Backoffice
  • STP Bridge
  • Liquidity aggregator

TradeMUX Desktop is low-latency trading platform with powerful functionality.

Amonth the long list of feature are:
  • Low latency execution measured in microseconds.
    Fast execution allows you to capture best price earlier than competitors and drastically reduce slippage
  • Trade with many Liquidity Providers from a single trading terminal
  • MQL4 compatible and allows easy algo development
  • Multiple account management (MAM)
  • One click trading and trading from charts
  • Supports multiple languages
FX and CFDs trading platform

TradeMUX Server is high performance brokerage solution consisting of:

  • Bridges to liquidity providers
  • Smart order routing engine
  • Order matching engine
  • Ticker plants
  • Risk management server
  • History database and reporting server
  • Liquidity aggregation and self clearing tools
FX and CFDs trading server

TradeMUX Backoffice is a comprehensive management and administrative tool tailored to your business processes.

  • Users and accounts management
  • Hierarchical user structure and customizable access permissions
  • Liquidity provider and price streams management
  • Manage Trading Sessions
  • Markup, commission and swap management
  • Real-Time Exposure control; Position and order management
  • Position and order management
  • Reporting tools
  • Allows backoffice access to IBs
FX and CFDs broker dealer backoffice

The TradeMUX STP Bridge supports complex order routing and allows the broker to implement a Straight Through Processing (STP) business model.

  • Limit Orders support (GTC, IOC, FOK); Partial fills support
  • Ultra-low latency and fast execution
  • Parallel connectivity to multiple liquidity providers
  • Multi-Asset covering FX, CFDs, Indices
  • Complex and dynamic order routing rules
  • Switch your clients between Books without restarting server and changing instrument name
FOREX and CFDs bridge

Liquidity aggregator enables users to aggregate liquidity from several liquidity providers.

The Liquidity Aggregator provides two main functions:
  • It allows traders to compare price from different liquidity venues such as banks, global market makers, or ECNs like Currenex, FXall or Hotspot FX. This allows traders to trade with many participants using a single trading terminal.
  • It allows price feed aggregation from several providers into a single price stream thus delivering the best execution prices available and reduces the risk of having poor liquidity during volatile market periods.
FX and CFDs liquidity aggregator